At Wintermute Biomedical, our sole focus is to develop innovative solutions where current medicines are failing.

Who we are

Wintermute Biomedical began with a decade of medical research to find solutions to drug resistant infections. Our scientists found a way to unlock the natural antimicrobial power of fatty acids which are a part of everyday foods. We are a biomedical company based in Melbourne, Australia and Missoula, Montana. Our team have substantial executive backgrounds in medical research, pharmaceuticals, health care, chemical regulation, safety and the commercialisation of scientific research. We work tirelessly to ensure our solutions meets the goals of performance to address unmet needs and safety for human health and the environment.

Meet our executive team and directors

Wintermute Biomedical is driven by an experienced team of healthcare innovators, infectious disease experts and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Thomas Rau

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tom is the Wintermute Founder and inventor, with over 20 years experience in scientific research. He specializes in neuroscience and medical microbiology, with a particular focus on multidrug-resistant bacteria.

Dr. Tony Peacock


Tony has 25 years experience as CEO of research organisations. He is a Fellow of both the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is Chairman of the Australasian Pork Research Institute and a Director of the Marine Bioproducts CRC and the Wetlands and Woodlands Trust.

Paul Cohn


Paul is an engineer and investor with a track-record of pioneering and commercializing innovative technologies within the energy and healthcare sectors. With a unique ability to identify and nurture start-up companies, Paul joined Wintermute as the founding investor in 2012.

Dr. Margaret Hartley


Margaret is a highly regarded executive leader and influential strategy and policy analyst with experience in evidence-based policy development and advice to government. She has a reputation for high level innovative and strategic thinking and planning across the public and NFP sectors.

Dr. Alyce Mayfosh

Chief Scientific Officer

Alyce obtained her PhD from the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science, La Trobe University. She specialises in cancer immunology, molecular biology and cell biology. Alyce is manager of the Shingles scientific program and disinfectant characterization.

Carolyn Riska

Operations Manager

Carolyn has a Science Degree consolidated by 15 years in varied commercial roles within the pharmaceutical industry. She spent 10 years building a highly successful private mobility aids equipment business which was acquired in 2019 by a private equity investor. Carolyn brings a strength of operational and commercial expertise.

Robert T Goodman


Bob Goodman is an investor and joined the Wintermute board in November 2020. He has been a mathematics instructor and a practicing attorney concentrating in the fields of personal injury and medical-related litigation.

Meet our advisors

Wintermute Biomedical is surrounded by world leading experts in microbiology, antimicrobial resistance, infectious disease and medicine.

A/Prof. Joe Sasadeusz


Joe is a clinician scientist with an international reputation in viral infections. He is an infectious diseases physician at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Alfred Hospital. With a strong research background in clinical virology, Joe has conducted over 50 clinical trials and has published over 100 articles in peer reviewed journals.

A/Prof. Steven Tong


Steven is an infectious diseases clinician researcher based at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Doherty Institute. His key achievements include the discovery and naming of two new species of Staphylococcus, and leading international-recognised clinical trials in infectious diseases. He is passionate about applying cutting edge science to improve the treatment of bacterial infections.