At Wintermute Biomedical, our sole focus is to develop innovative solutions where current medicines are failing.

Who we are

We are a global biopharmaceutical company with offices in Melbourne, Australia and Missoula, USA. Founded in 2012, we have discovered a next generation antibiotic, which we think will have a significant impact on the lives of many patients across the globe. We won’t rest until this new antibiotic is available to the many patients who desperately need it.

Our story

Meet Tom and Wes. Frustrated by a lack of new antibiotics to address the impending AMR crisis, they were determined to discover a truly novel, next generation antibiotic. Through restless innovation and breakthrough science, they discovered a new compound that shows no signs of succumbing to AMR any time soon. Tom and Wes founded Wintermute Biomedical to take this antibiotic from the lab to the hands of millions of patients around the globe.

Meet our team

Wintermute Biomedical is driven by an experienced team of healthcare innovators, infectious disease experts and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Geoff Rogers

Chief Executive Officer
Melbourne, Australia

Geoff is an engineer, entrepreneur and company executive, with extensive experience in the healthcare sector. He has successfully co-founded and led a number of high-growth, high-tech companies.

Dr. Thomas Rau

Missoula, USA

Tom is a Wintermute co-founder and inventor, with over 20 years experience in scientific research. He specializes in neuroscience and medical microbiology, with a particular focus on multidrug-resistant bacteria.

Weston Hale

Missoula, USA

Wes is a Wintermute co-founder and inventor, with over 7 years experience in scientific research. He specializes in microbiology and molecular biology, and leads the development of Wintermute’s next-generation antibiotic.

Dr. Priscilla Rogers

Vice President, Business
Melbourne, Australia

Priscilla is a healthcare innovator and experienced leader of research teams. She specializes in the research, development and translation of technologies to the health sector, both in corporate and start-up settings.

Special thanks

There are a number of people who have been critical to the establishment and progress of Wintermute Biomedical. We would like to thank our investors, subject matter experts, and extended friends of the Wintermute family. A special thanks to:

Paul Cohn

Tony Peacock

Ros Peacock

Patrick Dennis

Matt Godden

Peter Tregear

John Kennedy

Andrew Ajani

Emma Guymer

Robert Goodman

Paul Dowie

Kristie Raymond

Brad Bond

David Hughes

Bill Goodman

Marion Goodman

Doug Birer