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Wintermute Biomedical Secures $1.3M USD Funding and Commences ZOSTER EASE Phase Ib Clinical Trial for Solexan™ in Shingles Treatment

Pioneering the way in Shingles therapy, Wintermute Biomedical initiates a Phase Ib clinical trial, backed by a successful $1.3M USD investment.

Wintermute Biomedical
February 28, 2024

Wintermute Biomedical has successfully raised USD 1.3 million from investors to propel its groundbreaking Shingles treatment, Solexan™, into a Phase Ib clinical trial. The primary focus of this randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial is to assess the safety, tolerability, and proof-of-concept efficacy of Solexan™ in reducing shingles-related pain and expediting lesion healing.

The ZOSTER EASE trial, initiated within expected timelines, aims to recruit 30 shingles patients in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Participants will topically administer either Solexan™ or an identical placebo directly to shingles lesions twice daily for ten days. As per the standard of care for shingles, patients will receive oral antivirals while applying the investigative treatment. Throughout the trial, patients will provide ongoing feedback through a shingles-specific pain questionnaire, and lesions will be documented to evaluate the treatment's impact on lesion healing.

Scheduled for completion by Q4 2024, Wintermute Biomedical is actively enrolling shingles patients for the Phase Ib clinical trial. The trial sites include Maxwell Medical Centre in Braybrook, VIC, and KeyHealth CBD South in Sydney, NSW.

Founder & CEO of Wintermute, Dr. Tom Rao, expresses excitement for the trial, noting positive results would likely pave the way for further investment or partnerships to further Solexan™’s development.

Shingles affects about 10,000 Australians annually. With few targeted therapies that significantly address shingles pain available on the market, Solexan™ offers hope for an improved shingles treatment landscape. Wintermute Biomedical's dedication to addressing medical needs underscores its commitment to addressing unmet medical needs and making a tangible impact on patient lives.

More information about Wintermute Biomedical and Solexan™ can be found here.

Clinical Trial Sites:

Maxwell Medical Centre, Braybrook VIC
P: (03) 7036 2450

KeyHealth CBD South, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 8262 1000


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For patients: Please contact the clinical sites directly. Patients who wish to enrol in the trial should not contact Wintermute Biomedical directly to maintain privacy and confidentiality.