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Renowned Infectious Disease Expert Professor Tony Cunningham Joins Wintermute Clinical Advisory Board

Wintermute's clinical advisory board gains the expertise of a renowned infectious disease expert, enhancing their efforts to combat shingles with their groundbreaking topical therapy Solexan™.

Wintermute Biomedical
July 21, 2023

Wintermute has announced the addition of Professor Anthony (Tony) Cunningham to their clinical advisory board. Prof. Cunningham, a distinguished viral immunologist and infectious diseases clinician, is renowned for his groundbreaking research on HIV and herpesviruses, as well as his contributions to vaccine development and clinical trials, particularly for shingles and herpes.

Professor Tony Conningham. 

With an impressive background in the field of infectious diseases, Prof. Cunningham brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the Wintermute clinical advisory board. Throughout his illustrious career, he has served as a global consultant to prestigious pharmaceutical companies, including GSK, Seqirus, Merck, Moderna, and Novavax, advising on vaccine development for aging populations, shingles, herpes, and COVID vaccines.

Prof. Cunningham joins the esteemed Prof. Myron Levin, from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, on the Wintermute clinical advisory board. Prof. Levin is an expert in studying the immune response to herpes virus infections, investigating methods of treatment, prevention, antiviral therapy, and active immunization. His pioneering research has culminated in the development and licensing of a shingles vaccine for elderly individuals, with ongoing investigations to enhance its efficacy.

The addition of both Professor Cunningham and Professor Levin to the clinical advisory board marks a significant milestone for Wintermute's shingles program. Their invaluable expertise will play a crucial role in shaping the clinical and commercial initiatives of the company.

"We are thrilled to welcome Professor Tony Cunningham and Professor Myron Levin to our clinical advisory board. His remarkable contributions to the field of infectious diseases, especially concerning shingles and herpes, will be instrumental in driving our research and development efforts," said Wintermute's Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Alyce Mayfosh.

Wintermute's shingles program, featuring our promising topical therapy Solexan™, is dedicated to combatting the impact of shingles. The program is set to enter Phase I trials later this year. The company is committed to advancing research and innovation to provide effective solutions for infectious diseases, and the involvement of these distinguished experts strengthens our mission.

As Wintermute looks forward to engaging with Prof. Cunningham and Prof. Levin, the company expresses its gratitude for their participation and dedication to advancing the field of infectious disease research.

You can find out more about Wintermute's shingles program here.