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Spin-off Company Ten Carbon Chemistry Launches

Bringing innovative antimicrobial fatty acid formulations to agriculture and environmental industries.

Wintermute Biomedical
November 22, 2022

Wintermute Biomedical's spin-off company, Ten Carbon Chemistry (TCC), has officially launched this week, following the development of a platform for utilizing fatty acids as environmental antimicrobials and disinfectants.

TCC have entered into a license agreement with Wintermute to take the powerful and safe fatty acid technology into industrial, agricultural, cleaning, and hygiene markets.

As the COVID pandemic brought to light the importance of environmental antimicrobials, TCC is providing solutions to stop the spread of infectious diseases, as well as to solve other microbial challenges in food production and waste management.

TCC has received an overwhelming response from industry companies wanting to trial their solutions in all kinds of extended applications. Their fatty acid solutions are currently being trialed as odor control in crushed glass, insecticides on crops, and more.

Based in Australia, TCC's business model is to partner with established leaders in these markets and sectors to co-design antimicrobial solutions that fit their needs. TCC aims to bring in revenue by sub-licensing the technology to these larger companies with the customers and distribution capability.

According to Dr. Tony Peacock, Chairman of TCC, "We’re not a chemical company, we are a solutions company."

TCC has hit the ground running, and interested parties can learn more about the company and their products by visiting their website.

As antimicrobials continue to be critical in several global industries, TCC's innovative fatty acid solutions have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach environmental antimicrobials.