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Wintermute Joins Forces with University of Adelaide to Combat Battlefield Wound Infections

New partnership aims to test rapid antimicrobial intervention for traumatic wounds in combat zones.

Wintermute Biomedical
April 29, 2024

Wintermute has initiated an exciting collaboration with Associate Professor Abiodun David Ogunniyi at the University of Adelaide to explore the potential of Solexan™ as a lifesaving intervention for traumatic wounds sustained on the battlefield.

The study will assess the efficacy of Solexan™ in the university's advanced burn wound and infection model, a crucial step in addressing a significant challenge faced by military personnel. Approximately one in three wounded soldiers develop life-threatening bloodstream infections (BSIs), with about half of these cases resulting in fatalities.

The risk of mortality increases substantially when proper treatment is delayed, as is often the case in combat zones where immediate evacuation is not feasible. Compounding the problem is the multi-species nature of the infections, making them challenging to combat with traditional antimicrobials.

Solexan™, with its broad-spectrum activity, rapid action, and ease of deployment, stands as a promising solution to this critical issue. By rapidly killing pathogens in the wound before they can enter the bloodstream, Solexan™ has the potential to save countless lives on the frontlines.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Associate Professor Ogunniyi and leverage his expertise in burn wound models," said Dr. Tom Rau, CEO at Wintermute. "This partnership aligns with our mission to develop cutting-edge solutions that can make a tangible difference in critical scenarios."

Notably, Solexan™ offers a significant advantage as an intervention that soldiers can rapidly deploy without special storage requirements, enabling immediate application in the field. This unique attribute could revolutionize the way traumatic wounds are treated and managed in combat zones, potentially reducing the risk of life-threatening complications.

As Wintermute continues to push the boundaries of innovation, this collaboration with the University of Adelaide represents a significant step forward in the company's efforts to save lives and improve outcomes for those on the frontlines. This promising application of Solexan™ extends beyond the military realm, with potential use in preventing surgical site infections following operations. The spread of antimicrobial-resistant fungi in healthcare facilities poses an increasing threat, highlighting the urgent need for innovative solutions like Solexan™.

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