Wintermute Selected as a Finalist to Feature in Johnson & Johnson BLUE KNIGHT™ QuickPitch Event

Bridging innovation and opportunity: Wintermute Biomedical's spotlight at the BLUE KNIGHT™️ QuickPitch event

Wintermute Biomedical
August 1, 2023

We are delighted to announce that Wintermute Biomedical, an industry leader in novel antimicrobial technology, has been selected to showcase its pioneering innovation at the esteemed BLUE KNIGHT™️ QuickPitch event, themed "Activating for the Future."

Scheduled for August 29 at JLABS in Washington, DC, this exclusive event will provide Wintermute Biomedical with a unique platform to present our groundbreaking concept before an eminent panel of industry experts, including representatives from Johnson & Johnson and BARDA, alongside discerning external investors.

This event marks a pivotal moment for Wintermute Biomedical. We eagerly anticipate introducing our portfolio of advanced solutions poised to redefine the antimicrobials landscape. Our aim is to captivate both our audience and stakeholders with the transformative potential of our innovation.

The privilege of engaging with a distinguished panel of industry luminaries, featuring experts from Johnson & Johnson and BARDA, is a testament to the significance of this opportunity. Their expert evaluation of our innovation promises invaluable insights and constructive feedback, further propelling Wintermute Biomedical's trajectory towards success.

In addition to impressing industry giants, the BLUE KNIGHT™️ QuickPitch event facilitates direct engagement with external investors who are actively seeking cutting-edge opportunities. This platform positions Wintermute Biomedical to pitch our innovation directly to potential partners, establishing the foundation for strategic collaborations that can drive remarkable advancements.

For those who share our unwavering passion for innovation, we extend a cordial invitation to join us on this momentous occasion. To secure your attendance at the BLUE KNIGHT™️ QuickPitch event, we encourage you to promptly RSVP, as seating is limited. This is your chance to witness the unfolding of Wintermute Biomedical's future. Become a part of our vision to activate the future. Reserve your seat today at